A Socket Wrench is deemed as a modern man’s guide to the tool. Even when the typical modern man is all about the digitally advanced scenario, they can never look away from the manual tools. For it is manual tools, that has paved way for the modern, digital tools and machinery. However, to work on new devices or machinery one needs the manual tools, like a socket wrench to do housework or at shops. Whereas, in the industrial sector, where large machinery need to be worked on are made do with the advanced tools. The ways to use a Socket Wrench is quite simple and requires basic knowledge.

A socket wrench is primarily used to tighten or loosen a nut or a bolt. It follows a simple rule, ‘Lefty loose and Righty tight’. Once this phrase is understood, one can easily work their way through working with a socket wrench on devices and smaller sized home machines. Therefore, if one was to tighten a bolt or a nut, they are to turn the wrench towards the right and continue until the goal is reached. Similarly, if the nut or bolt needs to be loosened, a socket wrench is to be turned to the left. On the continuation of the process of turning it left, the wrench loosens the nut or bolt, whichever is being worked on.

We have already mentioned it, how a socket wrench is simple to work with and is quite basic. However, there is one thing that makes up for the core process of working with a socket wrench. Please note that one must be careful with the size of the socket and the nuts or bolts. It is because nuts and bolts vary in size and are used on machinery and devices of various sizes. Therefore, it is not possible for just one socket wrench to be used for all kinds of nuts and bolt. Which is why, it is important to check the size of the socket wrench and the size of the nut or bolt, and whichever be it.

For, if one is using a socket wrench of size 1 to loosen or tighten a nut or a bolt of size 2, the process will not work. No matter how hard you try, you will end up frustrated, as the socket will fail to fit on the nut or bolt, which is of a varied size. The process will become tired some, for you will be doing it in the wrong way and not even realize. Which is why, we shall give you hindsight, on the subject as to how to choose the right sized sockets that come in sets, for daily use.

Listed below are the sockets for your day-to-day wrenching:

TEKTON 45-Piece 3/8-Inch Drive Socket Set With Ratchet

This brand of the socket is lesser known by the public. It is based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. When it comes to getting a socket set for daily use it is the best choice to start with a good 3/8 inch drive set. The Tekton drive socket set is quite great and comes at a reasonable price.

CRAFTSMAN 17-Piece 3/8-Inch Drive Standard and Metric Flex Socket Set

This product from the Craftsman is a swivel socket set. It comes as a life saver in situations when one cannot get the socket and wrench in the place it should be for a perfect fit. They come in a healthy mix of sizes in both the metric and standard sizes.

CRAFTSMAN 42-PieceTorx Socket Set

This socket set from the Craftsman is not the basic type of socket wrenches. However, it is lesser than advance and more than basic. It is a combination of Allen, Torx and screwdriver bit sockets and is a great addition to any available tool kits. This combination makes it as the best choice of socket set for day-to-day use.

WESTWARD Tool Socket Set with Wrenches

It is a superb beginner kit, which covers both the standard and metric sizes. You might feel a pocket pinch, but once you own it, you will be delighted with the tools. The reason for it being pricey is for the inclusion of both ¼ inch and the 3/8 inch drive ratchets.

GREATNECK 40-Piece Socket Set

This product is the most basic socket set to choose from the rest. This socket set is cheap and affordable. It comes with the basic sockets and wrenches, therefore one should not use it on rusted bolts or nuts, for it is not very qualified for rough work, per se.

Therefore, we conclude these five basic socket sets as the best buys for day-to-day use. Choose wisely, by scanning the strength, size and for what you will be using it. Once there, you can go home with your socket sets.