We all know about the craze pokemon Go had on the public, there was this obsession that could be seen in the gamers for this game. In the same way this year in 2018 the latest obsession in video games that the gamers have is of the fortnite battle Royale. It has already created a number of records and broken quite a number of them, so clearly fortnite as it is better known as is the latest obsession. The game can be downloaded for free; one just needs to pay for the purchases made in the game.

Fortnite also has a mobile app which is taking the time of a lot of youngsters these days, even more than the dating apps. The game is definitely of a different level and is here to stay. The fortnite battle Royale is the most popular mode of fortnite, there are other modes also like save the world but it hasn’t garnered a lot of attention.

Things to know

What is fortnite exactly? This is one question, which runs in the mind of all the parents who have kids playing fortnite battle Royale. Parents wonder that what is there in the game that the kids prefer playing it more than the other video games. Well before moving further let me tell you that the game has been downloaded 40 million times since it was launched, this is huge. Now coming to the game, here are a few things that one should know about the game.

  • What is it? : Well fortnite is a game abut zombie survival, in which players can play solo or they can either team up with other players and try being the last standing contestant. It is somewhat like hunger games. Players need to survive a zombie attack which is like an extinction crisis. At the beginning of the game, contestants use a parachute to get to an island and then they try to build up fortification to save them. This game is mainly for teens and is rated T but it has a lot of violence.
  • Who all play the game? : Millions of gamers are into playing this zombie attack game, it is one of the most famous games of all time and a lot of celebrities are also into playing this game.
  • Popularity : This game can be played on invitation and is not available for android devices but it is still the hottest game and is above a lot of porn sites in terms of viewership.
  • How is it played? : It can be played upon invitation which is received by mail on applying for it. The iPhone users can do this easily; well the android users need to wait for a while.

Gaming industry hasn’t seen such popularity and obsession for a game since a long time.

Why is fortnite battle royale the ultimate game?

There are several reasons for fortnite battle royale being the supreme most game of all time:

  • The design : The game is smartly designed and it has a wide range of weapons that are also quiet intelligently designed. It has a lot of different things; it is mainly about hunting and playing the tactical game. The world of fortnite battle royale looks pretty and is quite welcoming, there is a map of everything around which makes the game quite versatile. There are no corpses and gaudiness in the game; it is great for both the parents and the kids.
  • Easy to use : It is an easy game with a simple user interface; it is created in such a way that it becomes easy for the beginners to play the game. The game is easy to play is one of the main reasons why it has become so popular among a lot of families. It can also be played on PC, Xbox, and Playstation and on apple phones which makes it quiet accessible for the public to play this game.
  • Sophistication : The game is mainly about exploring the world and surviving, it is about the survival of the fittest. Its mechanism is easy to learn and understand but to master it one really needs to practice. The battles that take place are move about tactics and using strategies than fighting.
  • The updates : The best thing about fortnite is that there is a fresh feeling every time you play it. There are constant changes and new modes introduced in the game which make it quite intriguing. Personalisation is the key for the success of this game and for progression.

This game out of all the games is quite engaging even if you are not playing but just watching it. The nature of the game is quiet pleasantly social which is great, you can sit for hours and watch a player fight his way out without getting bored. The cartoony design and the attractive colour used in this game makes it quite family oriented and is also great for those who are non players or aren’t fond of gaming.

IOS players have a gala time while playing this game and the ios version of fortnite also has a new feature which is the auto aim mode. So it is a win-win situation for all the ios players. Android users would have to wait for the game but till then they can also join their apple friends in playing this epic zombie survival game.

The game can be downloaded for free and its console and PC version is also free to download, there are only a few in app purchases. It is definitely a great game to play especially for the teens and the beginners who are new to the gaming world. It has also become more popular than a lot of other games like pokemon go and PUBGY. So if you are looking for a new game for yourself or for your kid then fortnite battle royale is the best choice out of all the games and it is also the latest one in market.