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Learn More About Apple

About the WIN America campaign, their money and lobbying: WIN America campaign lobby

See Talking Points by the Financial Accountability and Corporate Transparency (FACT) Coalition: fact sheet (pdf)

Read a Business Week article about how Apple is dodging taxes: “Apple, Google May Profit From Tax Holiday” March 17, 2011.

Joint Committee on Taxation’s estimate that a “Tax Holiday” would cost over $80 billion in lost revenue: Join Committee on Taxation estimate

Read report by Citizens for Tax Justice, “Congress Should End ‘Deferral’ Rather than Adopt a ‘Territorial’ Tax System, March 23, 2011: CTJ report link

Read an excellent summary by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities refuting the claims that a “Tax Holiday” would have a positive impact on the economy: “Tax Holiday for Overseas Corporate Profits Would Increase Deficits, Fail to Boost the Economy, and Ultimately Shift More Investment and Jobs Overseas” April 11, 2011 Tax holiday report

Look at the web site of the Corporate Tax Deadbeat Lobby that wants to bring offshore profits back and pay very little taxes: Win America lobby
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