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Action Scenario: Apple Store Flash Mob

We encourage you to devise your own creative actions. But here’s one scenario you can use.

A. Meet Up: at local park or parking lot.

B. Participants enter the Apple Store alone or in small groups in the 20 minutes before flash mob time.

BACKGROUND VIDEO: Visit in-store computers (wait till they become free if you have to) and cue up our streaming video. Here is a test loop:
NOTE: Uncut's amazing video on Apple will be available on June 3rd.

RECORD YOUR ACTION! 2-4 participants occupy other in-store computers and set their webcams up to record the action on your own YouTube channel. You must have a YouTube account in advance and we recommend practicing on a Mac. Here is a video that tells your exactly how to do it:

START ACTION: On a predetermined signal, unveil signs, unfold banners, begin chants and distribute leaflets to customers.

Record action from Apple in-store computers, as well as your own phones, flipcams and other devices.

Encourage Flash Mob Participants and other customers to visit our Apple Action Portal ( to Send Letters to Apple and Members of Congress.

If asked to leave, do so, and remain outside store with banner and signs. Leaflet customers and staff.

More action ideas

Get turquoise blue shirts the same color as Apple employees.

Wear neck lanyards with name tags with Uncut logo.

Prepare “Apple Tax Shuffle” Dance Parties

A couple things that are best explained visually:

Ideas for Actions

BANNER DROPS (within the store) for the all-glass locations!!

Dance Party at Apple - free entry with pink slip
Bring your pink slips to the Genius Bar & ask for free advice on how to save your job [with the $3 billion that Apple will add to the economy]. Surveys/interviews asking both geniuses and customers about how they would spend $3 billion US tax dollars. We can record interview with our own or in store computers/ipads/ipods.

Video/action- idea “I’m a Mac.” “I’m a Taxpayer.”
“Taxpayer, could you please take care of my taxes for me?” “Hell no, what are you talking about?” “Well, see I dodge my tax bill - and then that tax liability falls on the taxpayers.”

Protesters enter store with blue shirts and lanyards, then the flash-mob breaks out... everyone assumes it’s Apple employees at first.

Amplified Jam session using iPhone instruments. Would Need a solid portable dock... Bose, Klipsch, and Polk all make LOUD portable ones.

Flash-mob dance: The “Apple Tax Shuffle”

Visual idea: Riff on the black silhouette ads.

“Why can’t I sync my iphone with my values?” (Could be a question someone asks the Genius Bar as the starting point of a creative action)

Apple The Moocher - do a song version of Minnie The Moocher

There are a few things that could be done with the whole “genius bar” thing... Example: Use it as a classroom, and make the point that we hope Apple has hired enough “Genius’s” to meet the demand for teachers, since government funding has been bled dry by corporate tax cheats.
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