SEO – Search Engine Optimization, aka your best friend in the world, if you are a webmaster. It’s a search engine algorithm that uses keywords that are searched online and gives the best results. SEO increases the quality and quantity of the traffic to your website or a guest post so use it to your advantage. You can work with this algorithm if you use some guidelines.
This is just a simple glance at the world of SEO. if you want to learn more about there are courses and books out there that will teach you all about the magical mystical SEO. Make sure, that you visit a good website like

The right SEO can get you to top of that search- the wrong SEO can bury you deep in the gutter where the sun of the search engine will never shine. Chances are if you have thought of something, it’s online. Search Engines need to get to all to that stuff so they can deliver it to you – this is where we use links – like little trains from your website to the search result. These little trains find your links and save what they need for the search engine. Then, you – a user – go to search for something online. The little information train needs to give you an answer right away. A great website to find good information on this subject is It has some very good information and can help you to get some tips on this topic and make the process much easier.

Search engines use algorithms to determine what the best results are. These algorithms are complicated and it would take a book to explain them but there is something you can do even if you don’t want to get involved in all this SEO complication. Keywords are a part of that algorithm. Use the right words, the ones people search but don’t use the ones that are the most searched. What does that mean? Well this is not easy and people get confused about how to get good ranks. For example, the word travel is searched so much, the big guys have you beat and you can never be the first one come up. Instead, look for things that are still widely searched but not too covered. For example, one-day itinerary. People still want to know what to do in one day, but it’s not as widely searched as travel so you stand a chance of landing on that sweet first page.

Learn What People Want

People want to know and work with desires. For example, want to know How To Make Money Online, How To Work From Home, How To Make Your Own Shampoo They want to know What To Do In Miami For One Day, What Brand Of Detergent To Choose and they want to know Where To Go In Medellin, Where To Go In January, When Is The Best Time To Go To Thailand.

Use these desires when creating your guest post, learn about SEO and keywords. The more you know about it, the better chance you have in having the most popular guest post on a website, repeat business and bonus payouts.

Travel Websites That Accept Guest Posts

Global Grass Hopper

Global Grass Hopper is a travel website focused on off the radar places. They accept posts from backpackers and elite travelers; you just have to send articles about places that are off the beaten path. They take photographic articles as well as personal essays and journalist style articles in the third person. They accept posts from travelers only, not agencies or sponsored posts. In return, they offer a link to your social media and website. Make sure, you visit this amazing website for more information.

A New Traveller 

A New Traveller is a website who will post photographic blogs, stories, and blogs about anything travel related. The food, people, culture or new and unexplored places. They want a good pitch – a story, an outline, a catchy title as well as how your story ties into their website. They are really strict on writers being aware of what their website is all about so make sure you do your research.

Hostel Bookers

Hostel Bookers is looking for interesting experiences around the world. They want to know about something new and do accept list articles but don’t want cliché lists “best things to do” or click baits “you won’t believe what happened next” titles. They want to inspire other travelers to venture out in new places and they want articles that will help them do the same. They offer a feature on their website that has over 200,000 visitors monthly.

Make sure you make good use of guest posts to get things done in the right way.