Consumption of marijuana by smoking or ‘smoking up’ as it is called in slang language is a common activity in today’s world especially among the young members of the society or the young adults as they are so called. Sometimes consumed for medicinal purposes, these plants are smoked mainly to attain a euphoric high. The term euphoric refers to the extreme and unrealistic feeling of being happy and high.

Growing marijuana or cannabis in the gardens and smoking it or consuming it in any other forms is legal in some countries while illegal in others. Within a country as well, the rules and regulations regarding marijuana and cannabis differs from one state to another. Commonly known as weed or ganja, cannabis is believed to be the most consumed illicit drug all over the world today.

THC present in cannabis is responsible for the various side effects caused by smoking weed or cannabis. A mixture of dried leaves, flowers and stems are smoked together for the extra high. Seeds however, are separated because many people believe it leads to impotency. Marijuana is smoked in cigars or may also be vaped, which is proven to be less harmful for the human body. The active components or ingredients in marijuana are sucked out and stored in a vapour storage compartment. The vapour is then pulled or sucked in by the consumer. In this way, only the vapour and not the smoke is consumed by the smoker, which makes it less harmful.

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Uses of cannabis:

  • Medical uses – smoking up weed makes the consumer feel hungry. Hence it builds up the appetite. This is the main reason cannabis is prescribed to HIV aids patients and other patients facing appetite problems.
  • To produce euphoric high – smoking of cannabis or consuming it in other forms like brownies or cannabis tea produces a ‘happy kind of’ effect. Most of the times, the consumers are found to have great difficulty in having to stop themselves from laughing. This kind of high cannot be obtained by consuming alcohol or cigarettes, which are comparatively more harmful. Hence, it is used for recreational activities.
  • Spiritual connection – Cannabis is also considered to be a chemical that is used for spiritual or religious purposes.

Different ways in which cannabis available:

Cannabis is processed and available in different forms in today’s world. The different forms available are as follows:

  • Cannabis is available in the form of dried flower buds. These buds may be green and natural or may be available in the compressed form.
  • Cannabis may be available as resinous trichrome commonly called as kief.
  • Cannabis can also by crushed and squashed to get the juice, which is available in the form of tincture.
  • Cannabis resin, commonly called hash or hashish is also available on a large scale. Hash brownies are famous for having good taste as well as being able to produce a exhilarated high.
  • Oil is also extracted in some cases. The oil is also said to have the same effects as the flower buds from which it is extracted. It too has certain medicinal and recreational uses.
  • Cannabis pulp is converted into butter which is used for baking purposes. Hash brownies use this kind of butter as well.
  • Resins are obtained which are highly useful.

Salvia divinorum is a plant that is said to possess psychoactive properties. Unlike cannabis or marijuana, the leaves in this case are directly chewed and consumed. These are addictive in nature and are also said to produce hallucination. A hallucination is a sight that one witnesses that does not exist in reality at all. Many people complain that they have seen ghosts or some have even encountered the sights of their dead close ones. All these are basically hallucinations that do not exist in reality.

The unknown side of Marijuana:

Certain spiritual books appreciate the presence of salvia divinorum and also promote or support its consumption, within a particular limit of course. Salvinorin A is the main component or the so called active component of the drug that is useful for all its effects. The salvia divinorum plants are found to grow in large quantities in the forests, specially the tropical evergreen forests or the rainforests, where the rays of the bright burning sun seldom reach the bottom surface due to the canopy formed by the leaves.

Mitragyna speciosa, commonly known as kratom in most parts of the world are also consumed on a very large scale. The leaves of these plants are mostly added to coffee in order to enhance the taste of the beverage and also improve the effect of cannabis. It is said to have opium like properties due to which it too produces a high in the consumers mind and is addictive. Just like ganja or similar to ganja, kratom too has medicinal properties due to which it is consumed on a large scale.

The drug components remain in the blood for quite a long time and the consumer has to take the aid of detox diets and detox pills to detoxify the body and get rid of all the toxins residing within, which are indeed quite harmful. In order to pass a drug test, some consumers also take the best advantage of synthetic urine and use it.

A drug test is basically a scientific analysis carried out of the different fluids of the body, like the blood, saliva or urine. The fluid is studied and the various components present are identified. Many a times, the percentage of the component present is also specified in the test report issued post the conduction of the test. In order to test for cannabis consumption, the saliva, hair or urine is tested. The drug components can be found for weeks, sometimes even months, especially in case of daily smokers and regular consumers.

The Duquenois Levine reagent test is the most common test method used for cannabis drug testing in the world today. The reagent is taken and a drop of the blood sample or the urine sample is added to it. If purple colouration is obtained on the addition of the drop, it is confirmed that marijuana is present in the blood or was consumed. This reagent contains a certain amount of hydrochloric acid which is partly responsible for the colour change.

Marijuana consumption has several legal issues related to it. Consumption and legality go hand in hand. provides the latest news and legal laws that have been established regarding marijuana. This is the main reason why many people follow the website as everybody wants to remain up to date and ensure he or she is not breaking any law which may be punishable.