If you use a down pillow then you already know that they are made of soft feathers of a goose. The main problem with these pillows is that they are very much susceptible to dust, grime, and dirt. But there are easy ways to clean them as well which we will be discussing in this particular guide. So, please follow the instructions carefully and you can also check this link for better idea about this pillow.

Different Methods of Cleaning Your Down Pillow

There are three methods by which you can clean your down pillow. Now let us look into the various methods.

Method 1: Washing Machine

  1. Remove the pillow cover: If you use a pillow cover for your down pillow then you will have to first remove them and wash it separately. You wash the cover with your other clothes provided that it is made of cotton.
  2. Set your washing machine to a delicate cycle: The next step is to set your washing machine to the delicate or woolen Use warm or cold water in order to prevent the pillows from shrinking. You are required to use the fastest spin speed in order to remove the maximum moisture from the pillow.
  3. Use a mild detergent: The next thing that you need to do is add a cup of mild detergent to the machine and then set the cycle for 30 seconds. This will mix the detergent and the water properly. You are required to add 236.58 ml of detergent to your machine.
  4. Put the pillows in the machine: The next thing that you do is put the pillows inside the machine and get them fully saturated. Add only two pillows at a time in order to keep the machine balanced.
  5. Close the lid and run the cycle: Now close the door of the machine and switch on the cycle. You are required to run the pillows through two full washes.
  6. Press excess water out of the pillows: Once the cycle is done press the excess water out of the pillows. Use a terry cloth in order to remove the extra water from the pillows.
  7. Dry the pillows in the dryer with two tennis balls: Set your dryer to the tumble setting and use two tennis balls as they will help fluff up your pillows.

Method 2: Hand

  1. Remove the pillow cover: At first, remove the pillow cover.
  2. Fill the bathtub with warm water: The next step is to fill up your bathtub or sink with warm water. You need to make sure that it has enough space in order to accommodate the pillows.
  3. Add detergent: You are required to use a mild detergent in order to wash your pillows. Put 236.58 ml of detergent in the water and mix it nicely.
  4. Dip the pillows in the water: Now dip your pillows in the water and start rubbing it firmly in the soapy Continue doing it till you clean all the stains if there are any.
  5. Rinse the pillow under the tap: Now rinse the pillow under the tap until all of the detergents is washed away. You need to make sure that the pillows are completely free of detergent.
  6. Press the pillows to get rid of moisture: Use a terry cloth to press down the pillow. It will soak the extra moisture from the pillows.
  7. Dry the pillows: Once you are down let the pillows dry under the sir and sunlight. Hand them out so that they get dry.

Method 3: Maintenance

Fluff your pillows regularly: Every morning when you get up you need to fluff your pillows. This will keep your pillows in their shape. Laos, it will remove all the dust and dirt from it as well.

  1. Use a pillow cover: Use a pillow cover in order to keep your pillows protected from all the dirt, dust and grime.
  2. Air your pillows: Every month you should air your pillows out nicely. Choose a sunny day to do so. Keep them under the sun for an hour so that they get fluffy and completely free of moisture.

Well, now you know how to keep your down pillows clean. It is always good to sleep on a clean pillow therefore, you should take good care of your down pillow. It is not a hard task that you will avoid it.