The world of technology is ever evolving and changing at a rapid pace with its advancement. Man has successfully turned all his dreams into efficient gadgets to make his life simpler than ever. Gadgets play an important role in our daily lives enabling us to do the same work with much lesser efforts and greater efficiency. Apart from this, technology these days also helps you to find loopholes or take advantage of the deficiencies of the system.

About the radar detector

Well, a radar detector is one such device that helps you to take advantage of advent of technology. It is an electronic device that allows you to dodge traffic by informing you beforehand about the presence of law enforcement authorities on the way. The device makes use of a radar gun and is mainly used by drivers or motorists to save themselves from getting a ticket for speeding. Traditionally, the radar detectors were used to detect signals only during night, i.e. in dim light but with enhancement in technology in the modern times, radar detectors are highly efficient in detecting a variety of wavelengths during day time as well.

When it comes to making a choice among a variety of radar detectors available in the market, people are often seen confused as to which brand to choose from. Choosing the best radar detector becomes a herculean task since there are multiple products available in the market, each of which brags of different features, we thought of presenting a guide to help you to make a decision. Here is a list of some of the features that you should definitely look for before buying a radar detector:

  • Laser Detectors – A laser detection technique is quite important in an efficient radar detector. The more the number of laser sensors in the detector, the greater in the reliability of the product. So if you are someone looking for perfection in terms of signaling and camera angles. Most of the radar detectors available in the market these days are equipped with 360 degree angle for laser detection and also have two sensors to catch wavelengths from all sides. These models are total value for your money as they provide all round protection.
  • Modes and sensitivity – The radar detector have various modes which enables the device to adjust itself according to changing traffic. Before making a purchase decision, do make sure to ask the dealer about the sensitivity and selectivity of the device. Most of the devices are by default set to ‘highway mode’ which is highly sensitive so that you are always alert. But there are other options available for different modes too. The ‘city mode’ is specifically designed for the city roads and traffic and ensures reduced sensitivity so that you may not receive multiple false alarms at every instant.
  • Selectivity – A radar detector with increased selectivity ensures that the device is able to differentiate between different wavelengths and bands of laser and radar easily. This reduces the number of false alarms received so that the driver is not distracted frequently. Apart from this, higher selectivity also enables you to be alert in case of emergency vehicles or any unforeseen road signs. An efficient radar detector also displays the strength and type of signal type.
  • Strength of detection – Another important factor to be considered is the detection strength. A radar detector is a device meant to catch wavelengths from a sufficient distance. Thus, it becomes important to invest in a radar detector which provides strength in the signals emitted. Most of the devices these days come equipped with technology that can detect the presence of a radar detector easily. This is specifically beneficial to the police as it helps them to locate a vehicle that makes use of radar detector within a suitable distance.
  • Voice alerts – While driving it becomes difficult to keep concentrating on the radar detector for catching the warning signals. However, we have a solution to the problem. The modern devices are laden with some amazing state of the art technology which enables the driver to stay updated to latest alerts. The voice alert feature which is common to all radar detectors these days informs you about the changes in traffic in the form of voice messages. So, you do not have to keep staring at the detector for the machine will itself inform you about the danger ahead.
  • Protection from instant on feature – Well, the instant on feature allows you to catch a vehicle that makes use of radar detector. However, the modern radar detectors ensure protection from this feature too. If you are looking for a device that is aimed at providing protection against instant on feature, go for the device equipped with K-band reception. This feature will warn you if the instant on feature is used on a vehicle ahead of you so that you have enough time to protect yourself. This feature helps you to stay safe from being caught.
  • Location tracking – The modern devices are designed with the intention to provide overall protection to the vehicle against any threat or unforeseen situation. A GPS enabled instrument makes use of satellite communication to measure the speed, location and direction up to a distance of few feet. This helps you to calculate and estimate the speed and location of a fast moving vehicle and also stores the important location for future reference.
  • Compatibility with smartphones – The modern world connects us in the most intricate way possible. By use of smartphones, people are connected to people they don’t even know. However, this proves to be of benefit in case of radar detection device. The device makes use of smartphones to establish a well-established network. Various apps are available for android and IOS which work in accordance with the smartphone to inform other users about the presence of law officers or other threats in a particular area. Once the location is marked, other drovers will automatically be warned of the threat.

Thus, these were some of the important and modern features in the radar detectors. For more information do visit the website