Everyone is so excited when it comes to video games. They are the forever companion of every adventure seeker. Video games were invented so that the people know how to play and in turn get adventure and thrill. The world of video games is very wide. With the passage of time, many games have been developed. The introduction of android mobile phones and improvements in technology provided them great horizons. In the gaming world, many new games have been introduced with the passage of time but no one can beat the clash of clans. It is one of a kind and hence, very popular among the kids as well as adults. It is a very addictive game and it’s hard to stop playing if you have started once. This is due to its excellent features and the best gaming experience. Moreover, it sharpens the brain too and hence good for the kids too.

Development of the game

It is basically a game developed by Supercell and is a freemium video game. At present time, it is available on google play as well as iOS platforms. The main setting of the game is fantasy based and the main character is the chief of the village. It focuses on establishing own town by attacking others and gaining their resources. Main resources comprise of elixir, dark elixir and gold. While playing you can do a partnership with other players to make a plan and establish a clan of maximum fifty people and can fight in the Clan Wars together. There is a facility of chatting with the other players of your clan online. It sounds very interesting and it really is. It has received a high rating from the users and good reviews from the critics too. You can also play with the players worldwide. Join the battle together and win with the team and successfully establish your clan.

How to play the game?

The game’s prime principle is to defend yourself from others and attack other to snatch away their resources to build your empire. A single fight can help you earn a maximum of three stars. Upgradation of the clan is a must for defense. It is very important to establish a good clan or team if you want to survive for a longer period of time. The attack is a gesture made for gaining resources and defense. When you encounter with an enemy, you have thirty seconds save yourself. There is an option where you can withdraw from the game too and start it again afterward. In order to win, you have to destroy at least half of the town. If the enemy starts to attack your town, you have to save at least half of it to stay safe in the arena. While attacking and defending, meanwhile you also have to collect elixir, gold, dark elixir to build the town and troops. You can save the access resources for later use. A lab is there which helps in improving the buildings. Going well, you can upgrade your defense and can also improve the infrastructure of the city. Everything is possible in this game if you have ample resources which in turn, can be obtained if you have a good team and better strategy which will take your clan to the peak.

Gain the resources, establish the clan

Combining all, there are four resources: elixir, dark elixir, gold, and jewels. They all have different purpose and importance:

  • Gold: it can be taken from gold mines or attacking the rivals and is kept safe in gold deposits. It is helpful in sharpening the defenses and improving elixir collectors and many other things. Gold can also be used to build traps and improving them.
  • Elixir: it is also achieved through the stores or attacking the enemy. It improves anything related to the troops like spells, troops, army camps etc. it can also be used to upgrade to upgrade the walls. It trains a different type of troops along with the spells.
  • Jewels: they differ from other resources as they don’t have stores. You cannot simply obtain them by attacking the enemy. They are only available when you complete the achievements or when you remove the obstacles while playing.
  • Dark elixir: it helps to unlock the seventh city hall level. It is the only resource which is not available at the beginning of the game. It is won by drills and attacks. It is used to train the dark troops.

This knowledge is exclusively available on the website. To play a good game you should be aware of the different resources so that you have the knowledge on how to gain maximum resources.

Get jewels for free

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Be the king and win

You can surely be a king and by getting free jewels, you can build a very strong and long-lasting clan. Enjoy free jewels and tell your friends about this feature too. Make a combined strategy with them so as to become the game king, nobody could stop you and these free jewels will take you a long way. Feel free to avail them anytime you want as they are absolutely free. Clash of clans is the king of video games and for sure, you will be the king of this game.