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Posted on Mon Mar 7th 2011, 9:32pm UTC


Ready to take to the streets and tell corporate tax dodgers to pay up before we lose one more job or public service? Good. Here's our list of immediate upcoming actions- keep in mind: local organizers should act in solidarity with all US Uncut chapters for maximum effect, although those wishing to have separate demonstrations are encouraged to do so if they choose.

If this is your first US Uncut protest, or even your first-ever protest, don't worry- check out this blog post for tips on what to say to reporters/police/opposition, along with plenty of talking points on Bank of America, corporate tax dodging, and crucial budgets we could uncut if corporations paid their fair share. If you need some help organizing an action in your community, read our simple how-to on how to do that here.

Our current target is still Bank of America- we want to draw as much attention as we can to their shameless tax evasion and how it hurts the rest of us. If you or anyone you know has a BofA account, take your money out and put it in a local community bank, and make sure to tell BofA why they aren't getting any more of your business. If there's no BofA in your community, other good targets include Verizon and FedEx. And if you have personal stories you're willing to share on how Bank of America's greedy banking practices have affected you, send them to


WHEN: Tuesday, March 8, 2011

WHERE: 10 AM meetup at Starbucks, 45 E. 51st Street, New York‎ NY

WHAT:11 AM "Tax Dodger Conference," Palace Hotel, 455 Madison Ave, New York, NY (outside of BOA investors' conference)

DETAILS: BofA CEO Brian Moynihan will be attending and speaking to investors at 8 AM and 4 PM. At 10 AM, US Uncut NYC will be holding a "Tax Dodger Conference" instructing New Yorkers how to earn billions and pay $0 in taxes. Call your broker- if you have any shares in BofA, you're free to come inside to the conference and tell everyone you see about BofA's tax dodging.


WHEN: Saturday, March 12, 2011

WHERE: Your local Bank of America branch/other egregious tax dodger near you

WHAT: National Day of Action

DETAILS: Gather all of your friends/coworkers/neighbors/teammates/students at your nearest Bank of America branch or tax dodger of your choice. Draw attention to the fact that your jobs and educational futures are at risk because BofA gets away without paying taxes. Get creative. Alert your local media. Have bail-ins, teach-ins, sing, dance, have fun! (At the time of this post, this is merely a suggested date of national action. If you've already planned an action for a different date in your community, feel free to move forward.)


WHEN: Saturday, March 26, 2011

WHERE: Local Bank of America branches/local offices of other notorious tax dodgers

WHAT: Global Day of Action

DETAILS: US Uncut, along with UK Uncut, Australia Uncut, Canada Uncut, Mexico Uncut, France Uncut, Netherlands Uncut and Sudan Uncut will all collectively demonstrate as one in cities across the globe. Target Bank of America and other egregious tax dodgers. Creativity and international solidarity are the overarching themes of this protest. Our voices will be impossible for our leaders and our corporations to ignore if they come from every corner of the map.

Plan your actions on our action map, and make sure you include locations for a meetup prior to the protest as well as the chapter organizer's contact info. Take pictures and shoot video, or it didn't happen. Tell everyone you can. Call your local papers, radio stations and TV stations. Promote the protests on your chapter's facebook and twitter pages. Stay tuned to the website for more info. Updates are on the way.

The revolution will be tweeted, liked and shared.

We, the People, Win.


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