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Media Advisory: Across America, over 40 Events Planned for Saturday, March 26

Posted on Thu Mar 24th 2011, 6:45pm UTC

For Immediate Release:

March 24, 2011


Blair Fitzgibbon 202-503-6141,

Carl Gibson 601-454-6443,

Joanne Gifford 707-758-1699,

Ryan Clayton 202-656-2116,

Armand Biroonak 571-332-7342,

Duncan Meisel 512-657-9124,

US Uncut, Citizens Worldwide tell Corporate Tax Cheats to Pay Up

Storefront Protests spread from UK to US & from Paris to Sudan

Across America, over 40 Events Planned for Saturday, March 26

USA - In coordination with citizens around the world, US Uncut joins international day of action targeting corporate tax cheats connected to cuts
in valuable public services. Beginning just weeks ago, US Uncut has led over 120 actions against corporate tax cheats around the country
since it began just one month ago.

The primary target of US Uncut actions on Saturday, March 26 is Bank of America, though some local groups will protest egregious tax cheats such as
Verizon and FedEx. Tax cheats everywhere are on notice.

"Bank of America is bankrupting America," said US Uncut DC organizer and spokesperson Armand Biroonak, "When they don't pay their fair share, just
like the rest of us, then we are forced to cut $1.7 billion in early childhood education (Head Start & Title I). In America, do we want
tax cheats or teachers?"

WHAT: Sit-in protests at Bank of America branches

WHEN: Saturday, March 26

WHERE: Storefronts of Tax Cheats in Cities across the Country (

WHO: Groups of people who self-organized events using

Primarily organized through social media, including Facebook and Twitter, the magnetic message of US Uncut has spread like populist wildfire.
Anger is rising as Americans are being forced to endure brutal budget cuts at both the federal and state-level. US Uncut instead calls
for an end to corporate tax avoidance.

"Big corporations in our country dodge up to $100 billion every year," said US Uncut Seattle organizer and self-described populist Laurie
Dunivant-Larsen, "If they paid their taxes this year like the rest of us do, we could also stop the $100 billion in cuts to college loans.
With all these tropical tax havens, US corporations make profits in America but barely pay any taxes here. That's cheating - it's
immoral and un-American."

Beginning with UK Uncut in England, the protests have quickly spread worldwide to include Ottawa, Sudan, Netherlands, Quebec, Paris, Breizh,
Portugal, Australia, Ireland, & Montreal. The International Day of Action on March 26 was proposed by UK Uncut, where they plan to occupy
Trafalgar Square for 24 hours.

"The government say there is no alternative to the cuts," said Laura Carpenter of UK Uncut, "The government is making a political choice to cut and
privatise public services whilst there are clear alternatives, like making the banks pay for the crisis that they caused or clamping down on tax
dodging by corporations and rich individuals."

"Maybe there isn't a spending problem. Maybe it is a revenue problem," said Carl Gibson, Co-Founder of US Uncut from Mississippi, "We The
People just have to make sure that corporate tax cheats pay up."

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