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Novi, MI
Sat Feb 26th 2011

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Added on Tue Feb 22nd 2011, 2:10pm UTC — last updated Tue Feb 22nd 2011, 4:42pm UTC

It's working in the UK. Let's do it here! Next Saturday (Feb. 26th) meet at the Bank of America on Grand River in Novi at 12PM.
At 1PM, we sit down in front of the entrance and shut it down. No one comes in.

Why Bank of America?
It received $45 billion in government bailout funds while funneling its tax dollars into 115 separate offshore tax havens.

Our new governor Rick Snyder has made several proposals to:

-Transfer funds from Universities and Community Colleges to fund other priorities. [Your college goes broke, your tuition goes up, fewer scholarships]

-Tax Senior Pensions (public and private). [Your grandparents become even more broke]

-Cutting Public Schools by $470 per student more than the previous cuts. [Your school can't pay for decent teachers anymore.]

-End the State Tax Credit for the Working Poor. [The poor get taxed instead of the rich]

-Asks State Workers for about $180 million more in concessions. [No more benefits, lowered salaries for government workers]

(Above proposal summaries are copied from Lansing, MI US Uncut page)

Let's show him that cuts are not the only way. Let's have his rich friends pay up instead. Taxes are like membership fees for civilized society. No business for them until they pay their dues.

And you'll get free brownies, too.

Contact details

Aaron Keskitalo (available on Facebook)
Phone: 248-982-4706 (call or text message)




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