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Washington D.C.
Sat Feb 26th 2011

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Added on Tue Feb 15th 2011, 11:18pm UTC — last updated Fri Feb 25th 2011, 4:55pm UTC

Date: Saturday February 26, 2011

Meetup Location: Washington DC: 19th and N Streets NW. On the steps. Look for the blue umbrellas.

Meetup Time: 10 AM. Please arrive promptly as we will be discussing the action and other important information.

Departure Time to Protest Location: 10:20 AM (sharp) Please make sure you make it to the meetup location on time because the protest location will only be publicized via social media AFTER we have arrived there.

Theme: Education

Dress: Librarians, Teachers, Students, graduation caps and gowns

Props: Books; if you would like to make a book cover and write a fact about corporate tax avoidance and cuts that would be great.
Signs & musical instruments (for outside group).

US Uncut Demonstration * Saturday Feb 26 * Important Information

• This is a non-violent, non-destructive demonstration. It is also supposed to be light hearted, fun, and creative. We will not verbally or physically confront any employees or customers, they are not our enemies.

• There will be an “action” group that participates in a sit-in/read-in/teach-in inside the location and a “support” group with signs, banners, and music to demonstrate outside of the location.

• If there are security guards, police, or employees blocking the entrance to the location, we will not enter the location and instead sit-down outside.

• The action group will enter the location, sit down in the designated area and open our books. Then a “teacher” will give a brief “lesson” about corporate tax avoidance. After the lesson we will silently read, write, draw until the demonstration is over.

• We will not comply with requests from employees to exit the location. However, we will comply with any requests from law enforcement.

• The support group outside of the location will have a large banner, signs, posters, etc. This group will play music, hand out flyers, sing and chant, etc.

• The support group will not block free access to the location doors and will not block free pedestrian access to the sidewalk.

• There will be a third demonstration area across the street from the location. This area will be used if the crowd on the sidewalk gets to large and begins to impede pedestrian traffic, and also as a location for any individual to go if she or he does not want to participate in either the action or support group demonstrations.

• Each person must determine the level of her or his involvement and participation. There are risks involved with participation in either the action or support group. We have no leaders, no structure, no support lawyers, and no network to get bail money if you are arrested.

• For everyone’s safety there are a few volunteer marshals. Only these people will communicate with any location employees or police and security agents. These people are not spokespeople for any group and are not responsible for anyone’s actions or decisions. All participating persons are asked to respect and listen to the volunteer marshals.

• There will have a designated media team to field questions from any reporters/ camera crews. If you are asked to give a statement to the media and need assistance, please alert a marshal who will send a media representative to aid you.

• If anyone has medical training and would like to make themselves available in the unlikely event of a medical situation, please alert a marshal.

• Please be aware that both the action and support group demonstrations will be filmed and that footage will be made public in the future.

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