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Boston MA
Sat Mar 12th 2011

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Added on Mon Mar 7th 2011, 11:48pm UTC — last updated Thu Mar 10th 2011, 2:06pm UTC

We are staging a creative, themed protest, this time specifically targeted towards the recent Pell Grant (college aid) cuts proposed by the Obama administration. This type of demonstration has taken on the name “teach-in” or “bail-in.”

Why BofA?
Bank of America, the largest bank in the US, pockets Billions in profits and bailouts here, but pays $0 in American taxes.
If Bank of America and the 2/3 of US corporations that pay NO taxes here would pay up, just like everyone else, America would not need to cut $100 Billion in college grants. If this one company pays their bill, millions of kids could go to college. The solution is simple: make them pay their fair share so we don’t need to cut this valuable public service.

Join the list of people that we will notify of the location via text message by sending an email with your name and cell phone # to! We’ll send out a mass-text message at least a half hour in advance, with public transportation instructions. Just be near any T stop or bus station at around 9:30 and you’re all set!

Facebook and twitter will also be updated with the location, but only after we’ve started, so use that as a last resort.

Everyone has the choice to either:
1) Enter the bank with us to participate in a college lecture (we’ve got 2 actual professors ready to do it.) Come dressed in college sweatshirts and/or carry a notebook, pencil, and a text book. The subject of the lecture is “Tax Evasion 101”, feel free to add fake book covers, labeled in front with that subject.
2) Be part of the protest outside the bank with signs, music, chants, a megaphone, etc. Those of us inside will join you if/when we’re asked by police to leave the building. Bring signs, cameras, etc.

See you there!

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