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Sat Mar 12th 2011

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Added on Wed Feb 16th 2011, 10:16pm UTC — last updated Fri Mar 11th 2011, 5:02am UTC

ROUND 1 in STOP THE TAX EVADER Bank of America! TAX THE RICH! STOP THE CUTS! With a side trip to M&I BANK !! Yes, those Scott Walker contributors are in hot water NOW!¬e_id=177145388998571
For a full list of his contributors. Boycott!! PICKET !!

There is a small Bof A office - AND just around the corner a nice little BofA ATM at this very convenient location. See we've already run a little stealth action and took a picture to prove it. Maybe BofA Minneapolis is a bit .. edgy.

Yeah, it's SATURDAY. But guess what? We can still make a racket that will get heard !!!

So bring your brown bag lunch (we don't get $1,000 sundaes or $10,000 martinis as do TAX DODGERS) - and settle in for some music (we make it!)

We will hand out some NICE FAT CHECKS to passerbys for $1.5 bn each. These checks are to remind BofA what they OWE.

Why should our jobs, our very health and educational futures be at risk because BofA gets away without paying taxes. There would be no need to cut Pell Grants, if BofA just, simply, paid up, so we're going with some reminders to PAY UP !

Bring instruments, kazoos, signs, costumes, a boom box and good, uplifting tunes - we are CELEBRATING this fact - TAX DODGERS WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH THIS ANY MORE - NOT ON OUR WATCH !!

Invite your friends, your family, the inlaws, your social worker, your therapist, your manicurist, the cute guy ya wanna date, even neighbors you can't stand - invite everyone who wants to stop tax evasion and stop the cuts.

THEN it's on to Nicollet Mall to visit those folks @ M&I who were only too glad to keep the Firefighter Union's money even after supporting Walker ...

MAIN RULE: Invite and inform everyone who would be interested.

And if you have personal stories you're willing to share on how Bank of America's greedy banking practices have affected you, send them to

Questions? Call 612 492 1411. Eventually someone will get back to YOU.

Support International #Solidarity !! UNCUT IS GROWING BY LEAPS AND BOUNDS.

US Uncut MN is on facebook, and there is a blog

The revolution will be tweeted, liked and shared. So please take part by tweeting, FBing and sharing this EVENT.

We, the People, Win.


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